Advice in English

Psychological Counseling Center Bersenbrück

For English speaking people we offer counseling for the following situations:

Insecurities, worries or conflicts ...

  • dealing with your children,
  • in relationship, marriage and family,
  • in your own life, (ex.:) if you are feeling burdened or alone, are struggling at work, need someone independent to talk to, or if you want to explore new opportunities

Ms. Hilla Siebenkotten is a qualified psychologist.

She is available via the office telephone: 05439-1390 at the following times:

Monday from 09.00 am to 10.00 am.

At all other times, the office will take your request and Ms. Siebenkotten will get back to you as soon as possible and arrange appointments for personal consultation.


Our offer:

  • Educational guidance
  • Counseling for parents
  • Counseling for single parents
  • Counseling for marriage and family, life coaching
  • Counseling for relationship/couples
  • Counseling on separation and divorce

What is important to us:

You are welcome regardless of your age, gender, marital status, way of life or religious beliefs.

  • Ms. Siebenkotten and all employees are subject to the statutory confidentiality.
  • Our counseling is free of charge. It is provided by the district of Osnabrück and the diocese of Osnabrück.


Psychologische Beratungsstelle

für Eltern, Kinder und Jugendliche

Ehe-, Familien- und Lebensberatung

Diözese Osnabrück

Hasestraße 5

49593 Bersenbrück

Telefon 05439 1390

Fax 05439 800165